Wednesday, August 20, 2008


1st Baptist Church
Dollarhide Cemetery
Foreman, AR

3:00pm Friday

A scholorship fund has been set up for the grandkids at Idabel National Bank or donations maybe made to the charity of choice in lieu of flowers.



Walter was telling me this morning how Delight got her name. Their daddy named her Delight because she was a "DELIGHT TO THE EYE" But as we all got to know her she became a "DELIGHT TO THE HEART" as well as a "DELIGHT TO THE EYE"

She will remain in our hearts forever.....

We will miss her.....

I look forward to seeing her again one day.....

She was one of a kind.....


Monday, August 18, 2008


Delight has taken a turn for the worse. Breathing is SO difficult for her. She is only just seeing her close family now.

Pray for God's Peace & Mercy for this family during this difficult time.

We ALL love you Delight. You are the best friend anyone could ever wish for.

We all wish we could be with her....


Friday, August 15, 2008

:Friday Night @ 10:15 PM

My computer shows the time of posting erroneously and I don't want to fool with figuring out how to change so I'll just type it in as I just did. Last night was pretty restless for us. Delight kept waking up afraid and a little panicky. I think the pain meds, her difficulty breathing, and the length of her stay here probably all contribute to that. Anyway, we didn't get much sleep so she has been pretty tired today. I am really concerned about her breathing. She seems to struggle a little more with it each day. She has so much congestion, rattling, and wheezing. Sometimes the breathing treatments help and sometimes they don't. I know both Dr. Mirtsching and Dr. Shulkin are aware and are doing all they know to do. Delight got up and sat in the chair for an hour or so today and tried to do some physical therapy but was just too weak. They were going to try to get her to walk with a walker and assistance just to the door (about 10 steps) but she only made about 2 very short steps and had to sit down. She is so weak that just getting her out of the bed, it takes the nurse and one assistant to do it, completely wears her out. As Charmyrle mentioned to Kay, the Doctors are considering giving her a blood transfusion tomorrow to boost her white blood cell and platelet counts as well as to hopefully boost her energy. She is still not able to eat anything. Today her sister made her a chocolate milkshake and she drank a little of that and maybe ate 5 or 6 potato chips. Yesterday she had one small piece of cheese and a couple of potato chips. I know she is aware of the importance of trying to get some nutrition but she just has no appetite. Hopefully the IV nutrition will boost her strength and if they do the blood transfusion that will help also. Dr. Mirtsching again said that the x-rays of her lungs are not looking any better but also that they are not looking any worse. At least we're not losing ground there. On a positive note the fluid from her left lung seems to be gradually slowing down. Not as rapidly as they would like but anything that is happening in a positive direction is good news. Jennifer, Blu, Charmyrle, and Windell are all here. Jen and Blu are staying at the hospital tonight and the rest of us are going to the motel. Charlie and Windell left about 9:00 and I will shortly if Delight is resting OK. Jen will call me if anything goes wrong. I trust Jen a great deal and so does her mom. Oh, Delight's foot is much better. Glad that was caught quickly as cellulitis can be quite serious if it gets a good headstart. Every time I post I hope I have the presence of mind to thank everyone, even if my thank you's get monotonous. There are so many people praying, thinking, and tugging for Delight that I'm uncomfortable singling out anyone. We both appreciate all of you and miss all of you a lot! I will try to post something over the weekend if possible. I'm still a little uncomfortable doing this but reading your comments about it meaning something to you makes it easier. I have read Gail's message to Delight several times as did Kaye. I know that comforted her.


I just talked to Charmyrle and she said Delight was about the same. She just had a breathing treatment. She said that Terry Joe said her foot is much better than it was yesterday. Charmyrle said they got the nutrition drip started. They want her to sit in the chair. The doctor is thinking she may have to have blood or platelets because her white blood count is so low.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dr. Mirtsching Just In

Well, it seems Delight has cellulitis in her left foot. It is an infection caused by a Staph bacterium. Her foot just started swelling suddenly today with redness and heat. The Dr. didn't seem happy about it but also didn't seem overly alarmed. He said her white blood cell count was really low and he may have postponed chemo under normal conditions but with the cancer being active he didn't feel he had the option to wait. He said the x-rays of Delight's lungs that were taken this morning did not look any better but they didn't look any worse either. The fluid draining from her left lung has slowed down some over the last 24 hours and that is a good sign. It was 475 mL where it has been running 600 to 800 mL. He said he was going to start Delight back on IV antibiotics (Vancomycin) for the infection in her foot. He also mentioned we should limit visitation to maybe a 2 hour time frame some time during the day and be extra cautious that any visitors sterilize their hands before entering and when leaving the room. He said she is very vulnerable to all types of infections right now due to her low blood count. He also said she needed all the rest she could get. (Almost impossible in this place) Next time Delight is awake and alert I will visit with her and see just how much visiting she is comfortable with. The ultimate goal here is to get this girl back on her feet. I will post if there are changes or recommendations on visitation. I know everybody wants what is best for Delight so I will try to keep you informed, or Kaye will. Oh, almost forgot, thanks Kaye and Tonya and sorry I almost snored you out of the waiting room. I almost had Bobby and John convinced I had quit until they heard your story. Bob , Kathy, John, and Sheila came by. Sheila and Delight had quite a nice nap together. She won't admit it but I think Sheila was snoring! Thanks John and Bob for dinner. Really enjoyed seeing y'all. A very nice lady from Beth Ann's church came by today and said a really nice prayer with us and gave Delight spiritual encouragement. Also, Jennifer's cousin Stacy came by and prayed with Delight. We so appreciate all of the prayers. Jennifer and Blu are coming tomorrow. I think Delight's sister Charlie and her husband Windell are coming tomorrow or Saturday. Delight got a large kick out of the poem from the tellers. I read it and think you girls need to give Gail a break! You hang in there Gail and don't let them mistreat you! I know Delight missed all of you a bunch and is really looking forward to getting well and getting back to work. Hello to all my friends at school. Thanks to all of you, again. I miss you guys and wish I could be there to help "get the ball rolling". Hopefully it won't be too long before I see all of you. Please continue to pray for Delight and love to all. p.s. In case you were wondering I do this when Delight is sleeping and sometimes have to do a lot of starting/stopping so if some of this is incoherent I hope you will overlook it.


Delight had her chemo treatment this morning and she slept during most of it. They gave it to her while she was in bed. It was only 20 minutes long. Tonya is sitting with her now. Terry Joe is out here with me in the waiting room eating a sandwich Tonya & I brought him. He said that they gave her some pain medicine after they did the treatment and so she is sleeping now. She is still so very weak. She was completely exhausted from getting out of the chair, sitting a while, getting back into bed. I'm sure it is from no food intake for so long. I don't think they have started the food--nutrient IV. Terry Joe said that he needed to check and see when they are going to start it. He thought maybe they would after the chemo. So maybe they will shortly. They gave her something for nausea before they started the chemo. I think that's it for now. Terry Joe ran to the car to get some of his dirty clothes. I'll post again before we leave.